Material recovery and distribution

Remida recovers waste intended for disposal from companies and makes it available to schools, associations, and nonprofit organizations for socio-educational or cultural projects. The materials arrive at Remida once a week, thanks to Iren’s men and vehicles. They are scraps, offcuts, excess production, stockpiles, or failed material, which Remida takes in as waste and offers as a resource.

Cataloged, lined up, juxtaposed, divided by color, shape but also mixed, the arrangement of materials is never random. They are displayed in an intentionally purposeful way, to fascinate, intrigue, and suggest design cues.

How to give material to Remida

If you work in a company, store, or have a business in the province of Reggio Emilia, you can choose to deliver to Remida some of the material that would go to disposal. After an initial visit we will get you a container that Iren will recover when you let us know it is full. Remida recovers special waste that can be assimilated to municipal waste such as paper, plastic, rubber, wood, cloth and yarn, metal, ceramics, and glass.
There is no charge for the service.

How to take materials from Remida

If you work in a school, association or social, cultural or welfare organization based in the provinces of Reggio Emilia, Parma or Piacenza, you can apply for a card to take advantage of Remida’s materials distribution service.
The card has a cost of 60 euros (reduced to 40 euros for schools) and the duration of one school year, within which you can come on opening days and after booking, to pick up the materials you need. If your facility is not located in these areas, write to us to see how we can help you get materials. If, in addition to materials, you are interested in visits and training courses, consult this section.
Remida does not distribute materials to private people or companies.