Research and collaborations

Remida is open to collaborations with companies, educational and research institutions, museums, and professionals to contribute to thinking about sustainability, and ecological and creative thinking.

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Material recovery and distribution

We recover industrial material destined for disposal and make it available to schools, organizations and associations in the area.

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Visits and training courses

Remida organizes training courses on material expressivity aimed at schools or adult groups. It welcomes individual or group visits, by appointment.

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Exchange books

Contribute to the Saved by Remida project by bringing books you want to put back into circulation. You will be able to pick up more to take home.

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Remida world

Remida has generated 11 other Centers in Italy and around the world, united in their diversity. It also participates in international cooperation projects in the field of the education and sustainability.

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Our designs and daily material research result in unique, handmade pieces made from 100 % scrap material.

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