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Remida is a cultural project of sustainability, creativity and research on waste materials. It promotes the idea that imperfect and useless things are the bearer of an ethical message, capable of soliciting reflections, offering itself as an educational resource, thus escaping the definition of useless and wasteful.

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Remida is a cultural project on questions of sustainability. The focus of its research is matter, as an industrial product (and waste), as an artifact, as a subject to be investigated, or as an object of relationship. Matter as culture, matter as nature.

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Remida’s materials come from about 200 companies that devolve scrap, failed materials, stockpiles or excess production destined for disposal, which Remida recovers and partly distributes to more than 400 schools and facilities with socio-cultural purposes, and partly uses for its projects.

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The Center is visited annually by more than 6,000 people including teachers, artists, students, administrators, and curious people from all over the world. It organizes meetings with schools of all levels, training and events with the city.

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Remida maintains a dialogue with the city, the world of education, businesses and other entities, organizing events and collaborations. For many years, in Reggio Emilia, Remida has organized the Remida Day, a popular event especially for the Used Household Fair with more than 400 stands.

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The Remida Center is home to the “Saved by Remida” book exchange project and tailoring space, run completely by a group of about 15 volunteers.

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Remida has spread around the world assuming different identities but sharing the same values. Today 11 other Remida Centers are present in Italy and around the world.

Remida’s experience is also present in several international cooperation projects in countries such as Palestine, Kosovo, and Mozambique.

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Last events

Rigenerazione Final event

Three days of meetings with national and international guests and a Sunday open to all.

Quattro racconti in Croce

Giovedì 12 maggio, narrazione itinerante lungo Via Ramazzini

Opening hours

Materials and exchange books
Tuesday and Thursday afternoon (3 – 6pm)
Wednesday and Friday morning (9.30 – 12.30am)

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For info and reservations: | (+39) 0522 431750

Numbers of Remida 2022

companies devolving materials

tons of materials collected

people who visited Remida

people who picked up materials

  • Plastic – 24%
  • paper and cardboard – 22%
  • textile – 16%
  • ceramics – 14,5%
  • mixed – 10%
  • wood – 7,5%
  • glass – 3%
  • metal – 3%