“The bike is the symbol of an ecological future for the city of tomorrow and an urban utopia capable of reconciling society with itself”

Marc Augè

On 3 June, World Bicycle Day, Remida will pay tribute to this democratic, ecological object, synonymous with freedom and kindness, to speak not only of mobility but of urban, social, environmental, economic sustainability and regeneration, with an online and offline program.

Throughout the day, online, materials from schools, families, people of the national and international Remida centers will follow one another. In the afternoon, just in the heart of the city, an installation will come to life with Remida materials.

In fact, if for a while we are not allowed to stay too close, we will bring objects and materials close in place of us, Little by little we will build a collective composition in Piazza Prampolini.
An initiative that today more than ever we see inserted in the framework of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals.


(in progress)


9am – 1pm
Welcoming online

“A world of wonderful bikes” gallery online
Grafiche di biciclette realizzate e parcheggiate in diversi luoghi del mondo, pronte a partire. Una mappa di idee e di percorsi possibili o immaginari. Per partecipare realizza la tua bicicletta, compila il form in fondo a questa pagina, allegando la foto della bici realizzata e indicando il luogo del mondo dove vorresti lasciarla perché inizi il suo viaggio.
> realizza la bici scaricando qui la scheda

“Wonderful bikes” workshop online
Comporre grafiche di biciclette in ambiente digitale utilizzando Zoom. Rivolto a bambini dagli 8 anni in sù, con un adulto. Massimo 15 posti.
> per prenotazioni scrivi a online@reggiochildrenfoundation.org

Clips from the italian Remida centers online


2pm – 7pm
“Omaggio alla bicicletta” collective work
Piazza Prampolini
Un messaggio di sostenibilità da realizzare con i materiali di Remida rivolto a bambini e adulti. Per tutto il pomeriggio, ogni 20 minuti, gruppi di massimo 2 bambini e 2 adulti, potranno arrivare in piazza e partecipare alla composizione di una grande bicicletta utilizzando i materiali di Remida. Prenotazione obbligatoria. Massimo 15 prenotazioni.
> per iscrizioni scrivi a info@remida.org

Clips from the international Remida centers online

Saluti finali online

Un mondo di biciclette fantastiche

Inviaci la tua bicicletta

    Remida reopening

    Remida reopens to the public
    from 4 june to 2 july

    only wednesday morning (9.30am – 12.30am) and thursday afternoo (3pm – 6pm)

    > Only for materials distribution
    > One person at a time
    > 30 minutes maximum stay
    > Mask requirement

    > Reservation by email or phone: info@remida.org | 349 8974254

    The material in distribution will be subjected to the required safety procedures, remaining closed in the warehouse for 10 days, before being exposed to the public.

    the creative

    REMIDA, conceived in 1996 in Reggio Emilia, is a cultural project about sustainability, creativity and research on industrial waste materials. We promote the idea that what is discarded or imperfect, can still be a bearer of beauty, elicit reflections, and propose itself as an educational resource, thus escaping the definitions of “useless” and “trash”.