Training at Remida

Remida aims to be a place of research for boys and girls, teachers, managers, students, professionals, and the curious. During visits and educational activities we invite people to look at matter with other eyes, investigate its expressive potential through a multi-sensory approach, discover more about the complex production ecosystem in the light of ecological thinking and the challenges of Agenda 2030.

Working with waste materials educates for sustainability because it calls into play problem solving skills, collaborative and cooperative strategies, activates reasoning, brings out memories, emotions, narratives.

Training options at Remida are different and range from guided tours to workshops to multi-day in-depth courses, at Remida or elsewhere, also in online or blended modes.

Training proposal


Guided tour of the Center’s spaces through the history and projects of Remida, with the possibility of stop by at some exploratory points. No workshop is planned.
Addressed to: individuals or groups of up to 25 people
1 hour
Cost: 4€ children / 10€ adults
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Tour of the spaces, presentation of the project, history, activities and operation of the Remida Center plus workshop.
Addressed to: groups of up to 25 people
Duration: 3 hours
Cost: 40 € per person
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Training courses

Days dedicated to the exploration of specific topics (educational possibilities of materials, sustainability, setting up spaces, etc.) that can also take place online or in other locations.
Addressed to: groups of up to 25 people
Duration: 1+ days
Cost: variable depending on type and duration
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Training for reuse centers

Training course on the values, logistics, administrative and educational aspects related to opening or managing a Remida-inspired Reuse Center.
Addressed to: staff of a reuse center already operating or soon to open
Duration: 2 / 4 days full time
Cost: €2,500 / €4,000.
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Team and community building

Remida is an enjoyable and stimulating place. Waste materials activate creative thinking and are suitable for group work. The team building activity is arranged directly with the company or coach.
Addressed to: companies, coaches
Duration: 2+ hours
Cost: variable depending on type
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