Saved by Remida

“Saved by Remida” is a project created to give new life to books that are no longer wanted, through exchange. Set up on Remida’s premises, it caters to anyone who wants to bring books and take as many in exchange, to circulate stories and ideas. During 2019, 334 books were exchanged.

It is a project that also investigates the book as an object. That’s why in addition to novels, essays and children’s texts, there are books arranged by color, by smell or material books made of plastic, fabric, metal…

“Saved by Remida” is run entirely by a group of 8 volunteers from the Reggio Children’s Foundation and is open to the public, with prior reservation, on the Center’s opening days.


Bring or come and choose books saved by Remida

If you have books you no longer want but don’t want to throw away (not even in the paper collection) come and exchange them at Remida. They will be stamped as “Saved by Remida” and you can take more in exchange. The project is open to everyone. We cannot accept encyclopedias and school texts.
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Activate a corner Saved by Remida

If you work in a school, hospital, public office, or anywhere there is a waiting room, you can consider activating a “Saved by Remida” book corner. Even in your apartment building or the park below your home you can start a corner of poems, comics, books in other languages, or vintage books, and let the exchange come to life freely.
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Reserve a workshop on Material Books

Matter narrates; it has its own language. Shape, color, texture can become narrative elements, evoking images, metaphors, stories even in the absence of words. This workshop invites you to investigate materials to discover their expressive potential and build unconventional reading objects and books.
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