Research and collaborations

Remida aims to keep different worlds such as culture, schools, business and institutions connected by creating projects with universities, libraries, museums, administrations, in public meeting places such as squares, parks, and neighborhoods.



Selected by Intesa Sanpaolo’s Formula program in collaboration with Cesvi Foundation, “Rigenerazioni” is a social regeneration project in the Santa Croce neighborhood of Reggio Emilia, in preparation for Remida’s move to its new headquarters. The one-year project (2022-2023) involved the design and implementation of a mobile and transformable neighborhood newsstand.

Healthy carriers of taste

This project was born on the occasion of Expo 2015, with the intention of promoting the culture of ustainability even at the table. Food, prepared, cooked and offered, is a gesture of wisdom but also a gesture of love. A waste-free kitchen is therefore a kitchen that not only does not waste resources but above all does not waste these gestures. “Healthy Taste Bearers” are containers for leftovers from special kitchens. They are made from textile waste material, non-disposable, and chic.
In 2022, this project inspired Laura Chiorlin’s Master’s thesis in Design, at Politecnico di Milano, becoming an illustrated album entitled “Space Soup.”

Bikes A Lot

Bikes A Lot is an educational, ecological, urban design project that has seen children and youth, from nursery to university, teachers, and parents collaborate. It began in 2005 as acollection of more than 700 material graphics of unpredictable bicycles, made with traditional graphics and waste materials reinvented and reassembled in the digital environment. In2007 it became a permanent installation along the railway station underpass. Then it became a book published by Reggio Children and a workshop online.

Secrets of paper

Together with 3 municipal kindergartens and 3 preschools in Reggio Emilia Remida launched this project on the materiality of paper. Paper is rethought in its supply chain process and an opportunity for unprecedented research paths for children and adults of different nationalities and professions.
The encounter with paper revealed several, surprising qualities of it: its anatomical soul, its plasticity, its ability to transform, to relate, to retain memory.
This path generated the exhibition “The Secrets of Paper” inaugurated at the Loris Malaguzzi International Center in May 2013, on Remida Day, where the atelier of the same name is still present.
For this project, Remida won the SERR award in 2014.

Material books

Telling and listening to stories is not just entertainment. It is a form of
expression that belongs to everyone and transforms reality.
Is there such a thing as storytelling without words?
Industrial waste materials have their own language, their own grammar. Perhaps a tale is already inherent in the material of the pages. Perhaps there are hidden stories that can be found, recognized, or constructed.

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