Remida World

There are many cultural organizations that share the value of the project, which is why the Remida network was born, which now consists of 11 centers. They all participate in valuing the subject matter and promoting reflection on wasteand ecological balances. They work for a school as a place of acting and reflecting, designing shared cultural, environmental and educational initiatives and activating collaborations between the worlds of education and business.

In Italy Remida Centers are present in Milan, Turin, Genoa, Calderara di Reno (Bologna), Borgo San Lorenzo (Florence), Varese and Naples. Abroad they are present in Vaggeryds (Sweden), Trondheim (Norway), Perth (Australia) andBuenos Aires (Argentina).

Development cooperation projects

Remida participates in development cooperation projects in the field of education for sustainability.. To date, it has taken part in PACE in Palestine (which enabled the establishment of the Bethelehm Educational Creative Reuse Center), Pedakos in Kosovo, Reusemed active in Spain, Jordan and Tunisia, MaisPemba in Mozambique (which started the Wonenlah Creative Reuse Center) and Dakar Reve in Senegal.

Starting a Remida-inspired experience

Remida promotes dialogue and relationship with all those realities interested in starting a cultural project on sustainability and ecological education in their territory. It offers the necessary support and training on aspects of the educational and normative project of a center such as Remida, the setting up of spaces and the potential of materials.

The Remida brand concession is in charge of the Municipality of Reggio Emilia.
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